Penned to myself.

 Procrastination at it’s finest This weekend, you completed the highest level on your favourite literal reality game, procrastination. Starting at the crack of dawn on Saturday morning, you stumbled down, the steep staircase that descends straight into the kitchen, one eye open, the other trying desperately to go back to bed, checked the level of […]

Loving you is…

Loving you is Loving you is sweaty palms and sudden stutters,it’s endless hours and infinite laughter,it’s intoxicating kissesand morning regrets.Loving you is uncertain like British weather,and exciting like Christmas morning.Loving you is unhealthylike Ross and Racheal, but addictive like nicotine,its wanting what you can’t haveuntil you final have it.Loving you is a car crash.

If anxiety was a person…

Another result of a writing prompt in poetry class, pick a feeling or emotion that you’re familiar with, now imagine that in the human form. What kind of person would they be, what kind of things would they do or say?I decided to pick my good auld friend, anxiety, and try to personify it. If […]

Changing Seasons

Changing Seasons In a city where every day is a miserable December evening she makes me feel like July.She does to me what summer does to treesfills my branches with buds of adventure and excitement and holds me tall and proud of my roots. She’s the hot chocolate to my crisp autumn morning,when I drink from […]