Is this Poetry?


Is this Poetry?

Yesterday I smoked poetry,
I got high on the first stanza
and poetry blew my mind.

Then I got thirsty, so I drank poetry,
poured her into my mouth,
and I swallowed poetry.

When hunger came knocking, I ate poetry,
grilled her until golden brown.
made a sandwich taste like poetry.

I took a walk on the beach,
dipping my feet along poetry
then I dove in head first, and swam in poetry.

I put on my sunglasses so I could
look at poetry, I looked her right in the eye
and I fell in love with poetry.

We walked hand in hand until
the stars came out, listening to poetry,
the beat of our hearts as I kissed poetry.

Deep into the night I think about
poetry, until she crawls inside my mind,
my dreams are kaleidoscopes of poetry.