The Emerald Isle Herself

The Emerald Isle Herselfby Romina Ramos I came for love but stayed for the island.Those were the greenest eyes I have everswam in but by fuck they were the coldest. The friendliest townsfolk, well sure afterthree rounds with a stout lady before lunchany man would seem like a pal to ya. I have sat underneath… Continue reading The Emerald Isle Herself

Star of Hope (1883)

Star of Hope (1883) One hour and forty-five minutes is howlong it took to walk to the mouth of thebeast that swallowed you, and back. Along the way is where I found you. Inthe distance you looked like a group of peoplecrouching, a consortium of people. I thought maybe fishermen, or women,which reminded me of… Continue reading Star of Hope (1883)