Metaphors for falling in love

by Romina Ramos My girlfriend is not a poetbut without me she saysshe feels like an uncut footlong subokay but a little awkward and messy.The kind that falls apart in your hands. She says why don’t you writeabout me? It’s not that easy.I tell her poetry is my therapistsits across the room, one fingeron its… Continue reading Metaphors for falling in love

The One Where she watches it, and laughs

by Romina Ramos It took so long I thought we wouldnever make it past season one.       When she said I’m not sure, it’s notthat funny, I decided then, on our first date that she would be the Chandlerto my Monica, which is to say that by season three, when she finally laughsat all the right… Continue reading The One Where she watches it, and laughs