It’s Too Late Now

“I’m so drunk” you said from behind the locked cubicle door. I laughed, but in reality, I was quite drunk myself. You chose the very middle cubicle, the other four doors, two at each side of you, were wide open. We were completely alone. I sat up on the counter facing them, a sink at […]

Why I Bought My Mum a Toy For Christmas…

So Christmas is over. In the blink of an eye, all the stress and excitement of the big day passes and we’re left admiring our gifts, binge watching TV and eating left over calories for days. I love Christmas. I love family time, I love eating Portuguese food and drinking Portuguese beverages and carrying on […]


So, I’ve decided to start taking this blog seriously, for real this time. I can’t believe how quickly the first year of university went by, much less that I am now about to finish the first semester of my second year. With the end of the semester come the oh so wonderful winter assignments, and […]