Bolton In Lockdown

Le Mans Square, Bolton

During Lockdown 2020 I had to venture through the town centre one day, and I was actually quite surprised at how pretty Bolton can be when its completely stripped back and naked. As towns go, this town is not the best, it has landed in the top five of worst northern towns to live in, more than once. But the Bolton that I found on this day, is one I had not yet had the pleasure of meeting in my eighteen years living here.

Bolton Interchange

The eerily empty Interchange station even had its own little charm, a few bus skeletons lay resting at their stands, and I walked past one single cleaner who jiggled his keys as he hummed a little tune that sent a shiver down my spine. The place was so spacious and empty that just the sound of my steps created a small echo. Cool, but creepy.

Victoria Square, Bolton

When I moved to Bolton eighteen years ago, Victoria square was probably one of the first places that I visited in the town, and it is now one of the only places that remains the same. The Market Place is unrecognisable, Newport Street, The Train Station, The Old Bus Station, The Water Place, so many landmarks have either changed or gone altogether, its comforting to still have one place that reminds me of such a huge milestone in my life. I will always hold a soft spot for Bolton in my heart.

Black Lives Matter: Manchester March

Favourite signs from the Manchester #BLM March
Racism IS Small Dick Energy!!

Taking the knee for 8m 36s for George Floyd

Favourite signs from the Manchester #BLM March
The UK Is Not Innocent

Favourite signs from the Manchester #BLM March
Use Your White Privilege To End Your White Privilege

Favourite signs from the Manchester #BLM March
Racism Is A Pandemic

Favourite signs from the Manchester #BLM March
J Hus Lyrics

Shaytan in Police uniform
Feds in a helicopter
I seen pigs fly
But I never seen a unicorn