The One Where she watches it, and laughs

by Romina Ramos

It took so long I thought we would
never make it past season one.      

When she said I’m not sure, it’s not
that funny
, I decided then, on our first date

that she would be the Chandler
to my Monica, which is to say that

by season three, when she finally laughs
at all the right parts, and means it

I want to make her my thanksgiving
dinner with all the trimmings.

I want to bake cookies that only she
can eat, over the kitchen sink,

which to say that I’m sorry for shouting
when she spills tea on the bed

and I’m sorry if my OCD is sometimes
like living with someone who calculates

whose toast crumbs belong to who
but I’m not sorry because on the second

rewatch, season ten, episode seventeen
when she says I got off the plane before

Rachel does, I know she has the commitment
to pee on my leg in the case of a jellyfish sting.


By Romina Writes

She/Her Made In Portugal Based in Manchester, UK Bilingual BA Creative Writing @ UoB Poet/Fiction Writer/Freelance Editor Sub-editor for The Bolton Review issues 7 & 8. 'Half Moon' selected for The New Writing Showcase 2019. ‘Trouble’ and ‘If I Knew Then What I Know Now’ selected for The New Writing Showcase 2020.

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