Star of Hope (1883)

Star of Hope (1883)

One hour and forty-five minutes is how
long it took to walk to the mouth of the
beast that swallowed you, and back.

Along the way is where I found you. In
the distance you looked like a group of people
crouching, a consortium of people.

I thought maybe fishermen, or women,
which reminded me of cockle picking
with my grandparents in the nineties.

With sinking, mud covered feet I trudged
forward, shifting between uncertainty
and elation, realising what you once were.

I never thought it possible to find beauty
in a skeleton but the reflection of your bones,
shellfish nestled tightly into every nook,

on the ocean’s face was like nothing I have
ever seen before and so I photographed
you, unapologetically claiming you as art.

By Romina Writes

She/Her Made In Portugal Based in Manchester, UK Bilingual BA Creative Writing @ UoB Poet/Fiction Writer/Freelance Editor Sub-editor for The Bolton Review issues 7 & 8. 'Half Moon' selected for The New Writing Showcase 2019. ‘Trouble’ and ‘If I Knew Then What I Know Now’ selected for The New Writing Showcase 2020.

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