The Flea Market

The Flea Market

by: Romina Ramos

Originally published in The Bolton Review Issue 9: Rats & Revelry

This town is haunted by stained glass gods
and crawling with slithering saints,

but on the third Sunday of every month
the flea market comes. On this day

it is permitted to skip Morning Mass,
on this Sunday there is a different kind of

preaching. There are no bodies of lost prophets
but this is where Jesus is found. Here,

in this old cart selling evangelical barbecued
octopus, in the persistence of a man, haggling

down the price of a red BMX, in the smile
of a small girl, at this gift, this confirmation

of love. This is where faith is born. No naves
no pews, but this is where prayers are answered.

By Romina Writes

She/Her Made In Portugal Based in Manchester, UK Bilingual BA Creative Writing @ UoB Poet/Fiction Writer/Freelance Editor Sub-editor for The Bolton Review issues 7 & 8. 'Half Moon' selected for The New Writing Showcase 2019. ‘Trouble’ and ‘If I Knew Then What I Know Now’ selected for The New Writing Showcase 2020.

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