So, I’ve decided to start taking this blog seriously, for real this time. I can’t believe how quickly the first year of university went by, much less that I am now about to finish the first semester of my second year. With the end of the semester come the oh so wonderful winter assignments, and with those come a whole load of stress, panic, anxiety, and more stress. Especially when the first assignment consists of creating a written 5 year career plan, and within a group, present said plan to the whole class.

Although this assignment is not fun, and taking part in the group presentation turned out to be a rather painfully cringeworthy experience, it has been somewhat enlightening. I’ve had to finally think ahead and plan the future. I’ve had to make some decisions about where I want to take my career, and I’ve realised that I have to make some changes to my life. One of which being that I have to start using this blog. I have been paying for my own domain for around a year now and posted 16 posts in that whole time, only 12 of which I like enough to keep.

I intend to used this space as an online portfolio to showcase my work as a writer. There will be a mix of content from personal blog posts to scripts, short fiction and poetry. I am about to embark on a journey of discovery and acceptance, I am finally going to release and embrace the artist that I’ve been denying all this time. I hope some will join me along the way, but if nothing else it’s a good way to get me writing regularly again, and that’s half of the battle won.

Until next time, R x

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