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Here we believe that coffee is a deity, that there is a reference from FRIENDS suitable for every situation in life, and that sometimes, poetry is the smell of a new born baby’s head.

– Melissa Lozada-Oliva –
‘If I Got Paid For All Of My Emotional Labor’

“I’d hire an unassuming relatively attractive
white male to follow me around, so when
you don’t believe me he can repeat
what I said, so like, you do believe me!”


– Romina Ramos –

“I diluted myself because
people here do not like
Portuguese liquor neat.
My whole life has been on the rocks.”


– Sabrina Benaim –
‘The Loneliest Sweet Potato’

“What sad people do when they are lonely
looks a lot like me at the grocery store.
In my lonely at the grocery store
I feel sad, but I look just like everybody
else, while picking out avocados
and lemons. Items nobody refers to
as comfort food.”